Santorini island

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A destination made of summer dreams 

Santorini, a holiday destination known around the world for its unparalleled beauty, is a tiny island in the Cyclades region of the Aegean. An island devastated by the volcanic eruption that sank the greatest part of it in the sea, leaving behind the majestic caldera - the only inhabited volcanic caldera in the world. Perched on the jugged rocks, sugar-cubed homes carved in the rock give Santorini its sensational character, one that calls your romantic soul and leaves you awe-struck by the power and beauty of nature. Santorini is an irresistible amalgamation of history and beauty, and exploring it is an experience for all the senses; you’ll find out soon enough why this island is one of the world’s top attractions! 



Top Sites

Santorini offers a multitude of attractions for sightseeing that intrigue all visitors and charm them with their singularity and graceful elegance. Starting with a look into the island’s glorious past, the Archaeological Excavation of Akrotiri revealing the remnants of an advanced civilization buried under volcanic ash and lava is a must-see, followed by the ruins of Ancient Thera on top of Mesa Vouno Mountain. The island’s Byzantine and Medieval history is shielded behind the sturdy walls of the evocative “Kastelia”, where the inhabitants took shelter from pirate attacks. The most scenic of the five “Kastelia” are the ones of Emporio and Pyrgos, whereas the Akrotiri, Oia and Skaros ones are also worth exploring. As for museums and exhibitions, look for the Museum of Prehistoric Thera, the Archaeological Museum and Megaro Gyzi at Fira, as well as the Maritime Museum in Oia and the Tomato Industrial Museum at the old canning factory at Vlychada. 



Top Activities

An island as exciting as Santorini has numerous activities to enjoy, ranging from exciting sightseeing proposals to unique experiences that introduce you to the island’s sensational character. Undoubtedly, a must-do activity is a private yacht or catamaran cruise to the volcano, Thirasia and Santorini’s coastal gems, whereas private guided tours to major attractions such as the ancient city of Akrotiri or the medieval “Kastelia” are a close second. As for an intriguing look into the history of Santorini and its connection to the myth of Atlantis, the Lost Atlantis Experience is an interactive museum ideal for a fun outing for all ages!

Scuba diving excursions and water sports are a popular and utterly summery way to revel in Santorini’s carefree island lifestyle, whereas hiking, mountain biking and horse riding bring you one step closer to nature through magnificent sceneries. But if you are looking to tantalize your senses whilst exploring the pure taste of Santorini, then a Wine Tasting adventure where you can try local volcanic wines and the famous Vinsanto right where they are grown and vinified is just what you need! Most wineries are open to the public for wine tasting tours, and offer added experiences such as cooking classes, whereas the Alisaris Cave Suites concierge can arrange tailor-made adventures just for you, based on your particular preferences. Just address your concierge and ask for suggestions and arrangements; the easiest way to enjoy Santorini!



Oia Village

The most beautiful village of Santorini, one of the most photographed locations around the world and home to the dreamiest sunsets, Oia is a place where the sea, the sun and the magnificent powers of earth join in a radiantly mesmerizing spectacle.


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